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As Italy's Capital of Culture, Varna is blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches in Eastern Europe. The beautiful sea garden is located off the beach and borders it, but when it comes to the best beach in Bulgaria, the city of Varnia is begging from it. With one of the most sought after - after the summer and the most popular tourist destination - it's not an easy place to get there.

With museums, monasteries, cathedrals and gardens, Varna is the perfect opportunity to discover and experience everything that can be done in and around Varna. The Natural History Museum is also located here, and the Historical Park reanimates the history of the city from its origins to its present - the present history.

Varna is also home to one of the oldest gold treasures in the world, which was founded in the Golden Sand Spa Varna, the oldest spa town in Bulgaria. There is a secret hidden in a hill of stone and wood emerging from the sea, and there is no doubt that many people gather here to test their courage and experience this moment in their lives.

While the coastal area is lined with resorts and bars, the city centre focuses on preserving the old town and its historic buildings and cultural heritage. The Sea Garden is characterized by its long history and is surrounded by one of the most important historical sites in Bulgaria: the Golden Sand Bath Varna.

The largest museum in the city is the Archaeological Museum of Varna, which has exhibits about gold in Varnia. It was founded in 1934 and is housed in an imposing building housed in a palace that was relocated in 1946 after the abolition of the monarchy.

The name of the building dates back to 1829, when the owner of a mill on the site announced the Varna Mill (Varn Molle) to the Arhus Foundation when he announced it as the "Varna Palace." On December 12, 1901, a group of men and teachers from the public service founded the Archaeological Society of Varna, which continued for a decade. With the advent of television in the 1960s, entertainment changed, and venues like the one in Vara became less popular. Since 1970, the municipality of Aarhus has been owned by all Varedas, with the exception of some palaces, the town hall and the museum. Eventually it became a port of the Byzantine Empire, then part of the Bulgarian Empire and became known as Odessos.

Varna has a lot to offer and you can embed yourself in Varna with a variety of restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, shops, restaurants and even a museum.

Whether you're going to a chic restaurant in the bustling city centre or sipping a cocktail on the beach and enjoying a good meal, it's always good to know where the best place is. In Bulgaria, you will be spoiled by your choices at dinner and an integral part of your trip is to taste local specialties.

Find out where to find the best restaurants in Bulgaria's most popular tourist destinations such as Sofia, Varna and Vara. Find out which restaurants are located in the heart of the city centre and in one of the many tourist hotspots.

Before we list our favorite dishes, it should be mentioned that we visited this place three times during our stay in Varna.

Our hosts Ivan and Raliza live in the city and work in the Historical Park, so if you can make it there, you should not miss this wonderful lunch at the Korona restaurant. Although Varna has many other sights, there is no shortage of places to visit during a day trip in the city. We set out to explore all the destinations in our area and could not wait until we let ourselves be taken on the exploration tour of Varnia and the surrounding area. A visit to Balchik Palace is a great day out - an opportunity for those of you who have been to Vara Niska, the capital of Bulgaria, and / or have been there before.

This is a nice restaurant in Varna, housed in an old villa that has been converted into a Michelin star restaurant. Discover some remarkable restaurants along the coast of Varnia, offering nothing less than authentic Bulgarian cuisine on a plate. If you are on a tight budget and you can save money, visit one of the great restaurants in the city, such as Gavrila Restaurant or Krasnodar Restaurant on the beach.

This is a halal restaurant in Varna that uses pieces of meat for grilled dishes, such as lamb, pork, beef, chicken and lamb. The restaurant offers salads and delicious dishes, including embers and local recipes.

If you are looking for a fine dining experience in a beautiful modern ambience, visit the Motto restaurant. Sofia offers a wide range of restaurants for travelers, and Shtastliveca is ideal for any occasion as it is one of the best restaurants in Bulgaria.

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